Les Feuilles Qui Tombent





Autumn has brought crisp wind and morning mist, but there is also a sense of change in the air. The sound of crackling leaves underfoot is a reminder of the end of one season and beginning of another. Amidst a frenzied apartment search, I wonder where the time has gone; October is almost over. While Paris is such a beautiful city to while away the days, sat reading a book in a park or café, it is almost impossible to avoid getting caught up in the rush that grips the city. One example is the métro — a particularly fascinating phenomenon — where people are squeezed into a tube sometimes suffocatingly humid and warm with body heat. A tide of movement either pulls them on or off the train; it’s a constant current.

And so, yet to really settle in this city, I am trying to balance the administration and day-to-day demands with time to breathe and write blog posts in cosy Australian-inspired cafés. At least there’s good coffee to keep me going.


Le Coucher de Soleil


The days are getting shorter in Paris and the temperature has taken a sudden dive, but the light is still beautiful. When you’re struggling to find a place to live and truly settle into a big new city, you have to appreciate things like romantic pastel sunsets.


And to show how far I’m willing to go to capture these moments, shortly before taking this picture I climbed all the stairs leading to the Sacre-Coeur right after leg day at the gym. Safe to say I’m paying for it today.